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The MediaGroup Team ::



Nicole Benoit

Advisor to the Chairman,  COO

CEO, Triben Entertainment


John A. Dennis

President and Chief Executive Officer


Peter K. Maxwell

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Steven A. Mandell

Senior Vice President Finance and Controller


Kurt McDumont

Vice President

Chief Executive Officer, NewsGroup


Frank S. Jakowski

Tax Counsel


Tiffany F. Landry



Michael Wexler

Vice President

Chief Executive Officer, BlitzMedia Group


Kevin K. Warren

Vice Chairman

Chief Executive Officer, iTV Media Networks


Alicia Brown

Executive Vice President


Alejandro Guerra

Vice President, Marketing


Jim Clements

Senior Vice President, Operations


Peter Knowles

Executive Vice President, Director Subsidiary Operations


Michelle G. Blake

Executive Vice President, Director Media Operations


George Lambert

Senior Vice President, Director Production Operations

Gordon Hupé

Vice President, Digital Marketing

Michael Demers

Vice President, Content Acquisition

The MediaGroup team is a well-honed, closely-knit mix of creators, designers, producers, directors and executives all working cohesively to the benefit of the Client and their messaging campaign.
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