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FILM :: Development, Production, Financing and Distribution

MediaGroup's recent launch of its "MG FilmFund", with the support of it parent company, The AmeriCorp Group and its finance arm, US Capital Group, has allowed MediaGroup to capitalize on several film projects that have been offered to the media firm.

Several of MediaGroup's divisions > CinemaLogic, Hollywood Films and SilverScreen Films have been tapped to procure development, production and distribution of film projects produced via MediaGroup.

CinemaLogic ::


CinemaLogic is a specialty finance company focused exclusively on the global entertainment and media industries. We provide tailored financing and consulting solutions to leading creative and corporate partners spanning filmed entertainment. CL works in conjunction with many UK & US based film companies to raise equity for Independent film projects, where the film either needs development and production funds or the film has already been completed or is almost complete but requires the last bit of funding to cover the distribution costs.

CinemaLogic provides the key internal service components for film funding, facilitating a one-stop-shop and has grown into a premier Bridge Financing resource for independent movies.


Hollywood Films ::

Hollywood Films specializes in the development, acquisition, marketing, and distribution of prestigious foreign and American independent films with a marketing and acquisitions unit. The firm also focuses on television and film projects that fall between the wide-release and small independent film category, inclusive of television projects that traditionally won’t be distributed by the major studios or networks.

SilverScreen Films ::

Founded in 1997, SilverScreen Films has quitely been involved in the finance of several major motion picture projects [as first-in-first-out participants] and have recently implemented a plan for both critical and commercial success for its closely held projects in the future.

> Recent production involvement includes current films in development, production, filming or post-production:

- “A Cry in the Dark”, "La Revolucion" and “DeepBlak”

> Upcoming projects in development include: “Vlad - Order of the Dracul” and “Rage"

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