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COMPANY                                                               SERVICE                                                  



B.E. Companies ::



•              Act on Imagination Productions          TV Series Development


•              Celebrity Management                         Talent Management


•              Focus Films                                             Film Project Development


•              SilverScreen Films                                 Film Production                                                                           


•              CinemaLogic                                          Film Project Finance 


•              Themopia Fun Designs                         Theme Park Design



iTV Media Networks ::



•              iBox TV                                                    Internet Television Network                     


•              Vass Technologies                                Video ScreenSaver developer



NewsGroup ::



•              BLITZ News                                            Business Feature News Production       


•              NewsBlitz                                                Feature Business News Package


•              NewBreak                                               Business Breaking News


•              NewsWatch                                            News Snipets on local businesses


•              WebcastNews                                       Video News Online - Business


•              World Business News                          Business News Show (1/2 hr)



Blitz Group Agencies ::



•              BLITZ Advertising                                   Advertising Agency                                


•              BLITZ Media                                            Media Fulfillment Agency                      


•              BLITZ News                                             Business Feature News Production     


•              BLITZ PR                                                  Public & Investor Relations Agency      


•              BLITZ Productions                                 TV Production (production)                    


•              BLITZ Radio                                             Online Radio News – Business             


•              BLITZ Sports                                           Sports Marketing Agency                       


•              BLITZ TV                                                  Orange County Television Station         


•              BLITZ Wireless                                       Wireless Cable Company                       

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